Adopted By Superfruit *Gay Stories* [[COMPLETED]]

Adopted By Superfruit *Gay Stories* [[COMPLETED]]

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Hello there! My name is Skylynn, but you can call me Sky. My past story is a little disturbing.. When I was about 12 years old, My parents left me. I don't really know why.. I was a good kid and all! I had a lot of friends and I had striaght A's! One day my parents told me they were going to run errands and they would be back soon. They never came back for me.. I was alone in the house. 

I lost all of my friends.. I didn't make good grades.. So I thought, why go to school when you're pretty much a failure? So I didn't go to school. I would get letters from school saying "Why hasn't your child been to school?" I always ripped up the letters and threw them in the trash. 

I didn't eat for days or even weeks! I was never hungry.. I was anorexic..

After a year, people figured out I lived by myself and they called child services. They took me to an adoption center.And that's why I'm here.

I have been here for 4 years.. No one wants a ill child all the time..

Staph it you cant let them know your obsessed fan girl rule #629
I'm so happy for her.
                              I wish I could be adopted by superfruit
sissasue22 sissasue22 Mar 31
Nice and sweet as dead moons and everything. It's so charming very charming.
That girl in the picture reminds me of Shaileen Woodley....😮😮😮😮😮
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WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE ANDREWS. I'm sorry, there's just too many Andrews to keep up with.