Two Halves •kaneki×reader•

Two Halves •kaneki×reader•

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✧ HiraSenpai ✧ By HiraSenpai Updated Aug 08, 2018

The way she saw the world was very different from the way he saw it. Though it made sense since she saw it through the right eye, and him; the left. 

The ghoul inside claimed both of them, but for different reasons and under different circumstances. For she was already gone, and he was just waiting to go. 

Their paths were crossed, however, and finding their other halves became an issue, as it always does when the cruel hand of fate intervenes. 

→ she/her pronouns

[Disclaimer - Tokyo Ghoul and its' characters belong to their creator; Sui Ishida. Any artwork used for covers and chapters is not my own.]

© HS

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_LevisBroom_ _LevisBroom_ Apr 24, 2018
Hey i found my favortie word..
                              Friend:Hey lana wanna hangout at the park?
                              Friend2.0:Wanna hang out at the arcade?
                              Fakefwend:Wanna get some fries
                              Me:you wouldn't..
Dyxia_ Dyxia_ Nov 09, 2017
                              NADA NON NO NOPE NOP NAW
FreakshowFangirl666 FreakshowFangirl666 May 12, 2018
Which one? 1.Big madam 2.Mama just killed a mannnnn~~3.Tattletail  we shall Neva knowwwww
I-need-u-girl I-need-u-girl Mar 09, 2018
Idk why, but I yelled ", I out the succ in succulent", when I read this line
Naoshimii Naoshimii Jan 24, 2018
I look at the blurb before you actually read the story;
                              “Today I saw the whole world.”
                              Me: Are they a Pierce The Veil fan?
_LevisBroom_ _LevisBroom_ Apr 24, 2018
And it slowly stop
                              I fell in my knees;gripping the spot where my heart is suppose to be but..
                              ITS GONEEEE