Two Halves •kaneki×reader•

Two Halves •kaneki×reader•

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✧ HiraSenpai ✧ By HiraSenpai Updated Oct 10, 2017

The way she saw the world was very different from the way he saw it. Though it made sense since she saw it through the right eye, and him; the left. 

The ghoul inside claimed both of them, but for different reasons and under different circumstances. For she was already gone, and he was just waiting to go. 

Their paths were crossed, however, and finding their other halves became an issue, as it always does when the cruel hand of fate intervenes. 

→ she/her pronouns

[Disclaimer - Tokyo Ghoul and its' characters belong to their creator; Sui Ishida. Any artwork used for covers and chapters is not my own.]

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aikachannnn aikachannnn Oct 23, 2017
There is 40 comment that basically just hate Rize chan😂😂
SatanReincarnation SatanReincarnation Nov 09, 2017
                              NADA NON NO NOPE NOP NAW
SwegDucks SwegDucks Jul 15, 2017
Me when my mum tells me to clean my room.....
                              But my mum is crazy so....
                              I get punched in mouth....
CarissaPappas CarissaPappas Oct 26, 2017
Yep. When I get offered to go somewhere. This is totally what happens. I'm socially awkward, so...
PandaSamama PandaSamama Jan 10
Rize? " are u my mummy?" Rize: Yes Violet let's eat human my sweet leaf "ok" .-.
InsanityStays InsanityStays Oct 18, 2017
Touka oh mah god I swear if you do not shut your mouth I will shove your own intestine inside it I swear to freakin god.