Power Rangers Generation Millennia (One Direction/Power Rangers) {ON HOLD}

Power Rangers Generation Millennia (One Direction/Power Rangers) {ON HOLD}

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Christine By Moonheart2000 Updated Aug 04, 2013

Zayn, Janell, Louis, Caroline, Christine, McKenzie, and Alaina have been best buds since kindergarden. But now, Mckenzie and Alaina are running off, leaving their friends thinking, "Do they hate us?"

It's also rumored that the Power Rangers are back.

Generation Millennia is what they call themselves.

Zayn and Janell's parents talk about a time when the Power Rangers protected their city. Their dad says he used to be a Power Ranger. The Red Ranger to be exact. But who's going to believe him? Zayn and Janell surely don't. That's why they never share their dad's tales with their friends. They're nothing more than children stories. Especially with their dad saying how much the town people loved the Rangers. All Zayn and Janell have ever heard is that the last Power Rangers nearly ruined the town.

The return of the Power Rangers isn't good for Christine. She's the obsessive one. Her adoptive siblings, Caroline and Louis, are worried about her. They don't want anything bad to happen. Something that might get all of them in trouble.

None of them want another accident.

Christine doesn't see what the big deal is.

Why does everyone have to bring up her 'accident'. Well, an 'adorable mistake' is what she calls it.

McKenzie and Alaina have been crushed by a responsibility they're not even sure they want. Plus, they have no idea that their relationship with their friends is crumbling. They have no idea that Christine is on the brink of another obsessive breakdown... again.

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ZaynieXLiLi ZaynieXLiLi Jul 02, 2014
I would think it's more the subject of history, it makes the most sense
flyingchicken345 flyingchicken345 Feb 16, 2014
AWESOME STORY SO FAR                         
                                                                                         -Flying Chicken
Moonheart2000 Moonheart2000 Apr 07, 2013
@Iam4evermyself idk.... but i'm not saying if any of those guesses are right or not... hehehe... I so evil >:)