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Some say she wore yellow to look on the bright side.

Others say she wore it to avoid falling into her sister's shadow.  

Some say she simply just loved the attention it brought. 

Others say it was the pure act of anti-perfectionism rebellion. 

Mai just wanted to make an unwanted color feel loved. 


Mai Greenely's world has been overturned. After drawing up on the shocking conclusion that absolutely no one she knew liked the color yellow, Mai decides to take matters into her own hands by doing what any rational 15 year old all American girl would do: dressing head to toe in yellow. 

It seemed like a straightforward plan, with a straightforward reasoning. 

Now, if only she could explain that to the new kid, Cameron Holland without him accusing her of kidnapping his dog again..

[❊ ❊ ❊] 

A/N: This story is going to be pathetically innocent, so if you metaphorically vomit (or physically, you never know) at the idea of "sweet"  then this story isn't for you. 

ADDITIONAL WARNING: It's kinda badly and immaturely written. Semi-unrealistic plot which develops ~better~ into the book. Cringey dialogue and I technically haven't even written the epilogue yet. So yeah. Good luck, you'll need it. 

[❊ ❊ ❊]

[H.R.: #381 in Humor]

Started: 27/08/15
Completed: 1/02/17

[Extra #2: Feb, 2019]

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