The Fairest One of All- an LGBT Fantasy Novel

The Fairest One of All- an LGBT Fantasy Novel

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SkylerJoyWrites By SkylerJoyWrites Updated Oct 08, 2015

"What are you hiding from me...?" Avalon asked anxiously.

"Not a thing, my princess. This is who I am. I suppose I just have a wall up, is all."

"And yet you're the bravest man I know, hiding under a heap of metal."

In the split second that she yanked off Alexander's helmet, his sword tossed on the floor, time froze. First, she noticed how long his hair was, the sign of bravery in the Old Times. 

She analyzed the curve of the jaw,  seeing how the green vein in the neck seemed to pulse twice as fast as hers even though she was sure that her heart was beating a mile a minute. Then it was the lively, unusual blush pink of his lips that she thought she knew so well, the red of cheeks mottled with embarrassment and contempt. Long, lush eyelashes over dark brown eyes, a tear in the left duct.

As they locked eyes, our Princess saw what she was meant to see in the Valiant Knight two months ago. 

"You're not Alexander. You're a girl."

"No," the knight replied, "I suppose I'm not."

"I need to know who you are right now," Avalon said quietly and sternly. 

"I have never been good at explaining things. But Alexandra could have never been a knight. Alexander needed to save you, but Alexandra is the one when the helmet comes off."

The two women sat in the strangling quiet.

"So, Princess... Will you please take my hand?"

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Midnight_Carousel Midnight_Carousel Feb 16, 2016
How did she go to the well?
                              Anyway, I love this. I've always wanted to read something about knights and princesses.. :)
How does this only have 6 comments? This is really awesome! I wanted something like this for quite sometime!
- - May 04, 2016
Oh my. I'm already head to heel in this story! Love the writing
MrEvilside MrEvilside Nov 13, 2015
This sounds really promising. I like the fairy tale-ish language and vagueness of the story; it's also really cute so far. I think I will enjoy the rest as well, but, as far as beginnings go, this is a pretty interesting one, it really draws the reader in.