The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)

The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)

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Cher By CherGrey Completed

Avery Taylor is the gay Omega of his pack. No one like him, and nobody is his friend. The only way he could really relax was to do hurtful things towards himself. It's the only way he had control. When it was the Alpha's eighteenth birthday, it dawned on him that he was his mate. Of course, not wanting this little seventeen years old kid as his mate, Sebastian rejects him, leaving Avery heartbroken. But when Avery almost died, will Sebastian see the mistake that he had made? 

And did I forget to mention?

He caused Avery's bruises.

(1st book in the The Mate series.)

N_chaerin N_chaerin Apr 10
Yay now bust yourself out and go to a gay club and have sex!
Keyshana10 Keyshana10 Apr 13
At least chip the teacup was human turned not human 
                              You have NO DÄMN EXCUSE
                              AND THE TEACUP WAS STILL NICE!!!
nglrocks nglrocks Jul 09
Whats the point of saying mine if your just going to reject him!!
-abraxass -abraxass Jun 11
ew how come such an attractive man has a horrible personality
                              cause as you read in the description, it is said that he rejects his mate ;0
Nah brah
                              No thanks
                              I will in me arsehole
                              Too much work
                              Imma be you's mate
                              Whether you like it *sprinkles fairy dust*
                              Or nah
gavraela99 gavraela99 Feb 07
I love how he's like "yeah, I'm gay, deal with it BIATCH!!🖕"