The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)

The Rejected Mate (BoyxBoy)

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Cher By CherGrey Completed

Avery Taylor is the gay Omega of his pack. No one like him, and nobody is his friend. The only way he could really relax was to do hurtful things towards himself. It's the only way he had control. When it was the Alpha's eighteenth birthday, it dawned on him that he was his mate. Of course, not wanting this little seventeen years old kid as his mate, Sebastian rejects him, leaving Avery heartbroken. But when Avery almost died, will Sebastian see the mistake that he had made? 

And did I forget to mention?

He caused Avery's bruises.

(1st book in the The Mate series.)

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Hes cute but it looks like hes going to fly away with those ears
0takuHime 0takuHime Sep 26
lol, he could die if his rib punctures his lungs. Don't know why i put lol
Coolboi4 Coolboi4 Oct 03
My heart feels like this... 💔   reading this book Right now
Six6Lynn Six6Lynn 6 hours ago
Heyyy person if Cheryl is your real name mine is too yahhhh im not alone bc nobody my age has that name :(
dolandiva dolandiva Sep 16
I honestly dont get that... Like why would you make it official and cause yourself pain... Like what happens if you dont accept it don't
LeGayLlama LeGayLlama 7 days ago
Me in that situation: I-I A-Avery Tay-Taylor, AM GONNA GO OUT AND GET DRUNK TONIGHT