Your Eyes So Green -A Kaylor Fanfic-

Your Eyes So Green -A Kaylor Fanfic-

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Karlie is a bit of a badass student, terrorizing the school with her best friend, Cara. In the beginning of autumn however, she meets this nerdy, blonde girl called Taylor. She had never seen her before and is amazed by her beauty and kindness. The two are soon friends but Karlie feels weird about it. 

Is she falling for Taylor? She couldnt could she? She has always liked boys. She has never liked girls before. Especially not nerdy, blue eyed girls who play guitar and make homework in their free time. But Taylor is different. Shes cute, pretty, smart and just.. nice.

Will Taylor fall for those bright green eyes? Does Karlie even like Taylor? Will there ever be a future for the two girls together?

(This is a work of fiction. It contains lgbt relationships, etc. The characters are only based on the real people that wear these names, its fiction. Not true. Only in our wildest dreams. Muahaha)

© WeAreThe-Foxes

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kaylor31 kaylor31 Apr 04
Idk why but every time I imagine kk, Cara and Jourdan together I think about that Fanta lemon conversation in that vogue video
_Sol_y_Luna_ _Sol_y_Luna_ Sep 18, 2016
Yes exactly what I was imagining, and then I imagined Karlie in her letterman jacket 😂
KookieKloss KookieKloss Dec 06, 2015
Yes nerdy taylor is cute omfg!! I knew it I can imagine it oh so well! Great job I love this.(:
LeCosaMaisBella LeCosaMaisBella Oct 19, 2015
I love nerdy Taylor,  and you can tell she's crushing on Karlie. Such a good story!
KookieKy KookieKy Sep 12, 2015
Yes!! Nerdy Taylor would be so cute. Especially when she wears those glasses.