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Our Little Sister | SEVENTEEN Fanfic

Our Little Sister | SEVENTEEN Fanfic

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스테파니 By Dark_Angel_070 Completed

Yoon Hyo Ri. She is mostly called "Miss Rapper" in her school because whenever there is some programs, she'll be rapping on stage. Her friends even told her to be an idol because she was beautiful and talented but that isn't her dream. She doesn't want to be popular nor people know her very much. She just wants to live normally.

Her brother, Yoon Jeong Han, is an idol. They rarely chat with each other because he's always busy being an idol. That is one of the reasons why she doesn't want to be an idol, always busy. Her brother told her it's fun but still, she doesn't want to.

One day, Hyori's parents told her to live with his brother. She really doesn't want the idea because she might just disturb him. She doesn't even know that he was in a famous group called SEVENTEEN.

But living with him wasn't bad afterall.

Started: 28/08/15
Finished: 08/02/16

[Pictures and videos that are used are NOT mine]

Wooziblue17 Wooziblue17 Mar 13
I use to love girl generation when I was like 9 now I'm 14 and I love blackpink 😂 ahhaa xD but I listen to girl generation when I have time
Wooziblue17 Wooziblue17 Mar 13
I only lip sync when I hear taeyeon why 
                              TELL ME WHYYYYYYYYY!!!
                              :P my friend loves seventeen too so when we talk about them in front of non kpop fans they just roll their eyes
GraceLee357 GraceLee357 Apr 02
I got a boy on my chin, I got a boy chicken, I got a boy, handsome boy~
ParkSahra ParkSahra 2 days ago
So like i was reading this one fanfic and the writer had Vernon as her profile i was could someone have SVT as their fave i nam in the diamond life...
                              Kris:AYO WASSUP
                              Baekhyun:CHANYEOL LET ME LOVE U
                              Chanyeol: I HAVE TO FANBOY OVER DARA
                              Kai&Kyungsoo: Can you guys be less noisy?!
                              Lay: *too busy sleeping*
                              Luhan: *jumps out of SM*
                              Xiumin: .-.
                              Chen: *playing with some kid*
                              Tao: *at a GUCCI store*
                              Suho: KIDS SHUT UP
enjoii21 enjoii21 Oct 25, 2016
I don't know my..... Brother And he's famous like mind blown