The Solution

The Solution

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Louis F Williams By GeekAtlas Updated Sep 27

Chon Lai is my name. Xen Lai is my brother. And with a little help from our friends, our family is responsible for the greatest accomplishment in human history. Wattpad, this is our story.
Mankind is on a collision course with the apocalypse.  According to Xen Lai, China's Environment Secretary, the imminent mega storm will decimate civilisation as we know it.
      Xen plans to unveil his final solution at the next climate summit.  Unfortunately, his father dies before the presentation, and Xen spirals into a world of depression, drugs, and sexual deviance.  Scandal soon follows, and to make matters worse, the global hate campaign is led by none other than World Affairs Correspondent, Chon Lai - Xen's younger brother.
    Amid the controversy, Xen finally gives Chon an ultimatum.  Dismiss him and The Solution for good.  Or, fulfil their family's destiny, amongst the stars...

@LadeeAtlas - Set in a Chinese future, it's 'Ready Player One' meets 'Interstellar'!
1st Person - Multiple POV

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Holly_Gonzalez Holly_Gonzalez Aug 23, 2017
Such great advice for life in general! I need to hear this too!
Holly_Gonzalez Holly_Gonzalez Aug 23, 2017
Wonderful opening! Sets the dynamic between the brothers and the love for their father, a central conflict for both.  This is brilliant stuff!
JAPartridge JAPartridge Feb 25, 2016
I'm guessing fuqin means something like grandfather? I really like the framing scene, it gives the story an introspective tone that seems to promise momentous events are coming. Combined with what is mentioned in the summary, their fuqin's words sound like ironic foreshadowing.
- - Jul 31, 2016
This type of sit down moment makes me think he's going to die.
GThomasHedlund GThomasHedlund Jul 07, 2016
Good opening. I like the use of a simple memory to kick this story off. You have a comfortable mannerism in your writing that draws the reader in. Nice work.
9Marsellus_Wallace 9Marsellus_Wallace Feb 09, 2016
Wish my papa was as wise. Who is that in the photo with you?