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Red White and Blue (Captain America FF Book 1) ∣✓

Red White and Blue (Captain America FF Book 1) ∣✓

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Kristy M.B. By marvelous_fan Completed

@-avengermoons: Epic intro!
  @belle_harrison: Love the character already
  @starbursed: I love this book!
  "I feel a bit different. Maybe..." I trail off looking to the ceiling then back to him. "Maybe I've finally found who I was during my first mission."
  "Which is?"
  "...A hero.....I guess."
  A hero.
  That wasn't in Isabella Brown's world, oh no she wanted to be far from it. A normal life is what she wanted, but then again what is normal?
  To her it was the freedom of just being human, a normal human being with no powers. But what happens when the powers she was concealing for so long from within her being will be exposed for all man kind to see? How will this all affect a 21 year old woman having her powers been revealed to the world for once and not only them but a well know organization called SHIELD?
  All her life she has had to cope with society keeping them a secret, it has been such a burden on her ever since she could use the magic inside herself, but not anymore it won't be.
  Not until the day comes where she either has to decide to use her powers to save a citizen, or just turn the other cheek, or meeting a man that just came from the ice seventy years ago. What will the Avengers think of this, will they all accept her, will one super hero fall for her charm? Or will things just come crashing down on Isabella's life for the worst?
  •(Completed Book 1)•
  **Also I do not own Marvel or any of their characters other than my own in this story, all rights go to Marvel comics. And I would like to ask kindly that you would not steal this idea to my book, thanks **

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My minds telling me no, but my body, mY BODY'S TELLING ME YEHEEESSSS
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We're both nerds!!! I read a book more that once when I'm bored! My love is an adorkable nerd <3
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I could sleep
                              All day (reference to the I could do this all day)
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Lip bomb? Im imagining a bomb falling from the sky that explodes and makes everything smell like peppermit
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Quick someone call Sam. Dean. Cas. Hell even Crowley. Chuck.
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Who you want? I got Crowley, Lucifer, Amara, Chuck, Rowena, Castiel, Gabriel, Meg, Ruby, Charlie, Kevin freaking Solo, Bobby, take your pick