Guns and Roses

Guns and Roses

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Daniya By Your-Anonymous-One Completed

Guns and Roses...two things which don't go together at all,right? 
But that just doesn't happen to be the case with Laila when she is forced to be with this bipolar,dark and extremely handsome jerk called Vincenzo.

Thrown into the unknown world of Mafia and waking up one day to find you're in Italy is surely shocking for the young Laila Hayat Khan but she doesn't have any other choice than compromising with other words accepting the forced marriage with Vincenzo Romano Corleone.

What happens when a stubborn Muslim girl and an unforgiving and ruthless Mafia boss are put together?


"just..let me go"i whisper in a broken voice as he holds my face in his big hands leaning his forehead against mine.

"i can't.. "he replies back with his voice sounding as broken as mine,making a fresh set of tears slide down my face.
{sorry to all those who came here thinking that this was something related to the music band Guns n' Roses}

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diyamarjan diyamarjan Mar 31
Assalam o alaikum I want to ask you something regarding Guns and Roses. Was Vincenzo Muslim coz Laila was a Muslim character and a Muslim girl can't marry a non Muslim. It's haram in Islam. Please reply. Thanks.
xarwa_exo xarwa_exo Jun 14
Ikr this desi drama is so Over the top lol..
                              I mean your not a true desi until the whole khandan comes to drop you off at the airport 😂
                              But sometimes it's nice to know that some people actually care for you.
EvaMuza EvaMuza Aug 03, 2016
Whaaaat. That be crazy who goes there.. Idiots waiting for one.. Chicken wings that's sing.. I be going crazy pulling my hair.. And jumping on chairs
miss_whatevah miss_whatevah Apr 25, 2016
Wallahi!!! The start is great so what will happen to the rest of the story?!!!
EvaMuza EvaMuza Aug 03, 2016
😘😘😘😘love it.. I don't want to lie bu u write very lovely
kinzashiza kinzashiza Sep 04, 2016
This is a real Pakistani book yaar. Where there is Maulana Tariq Jamil there is Pakistan😂😂😂