Wonderwall | phan au

Wonderwall | phan au

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"When you feel like you're just stuck in a hole, it's your Wonderwall that saves you."

Dan signs himself into a mental hospital after he has suicidal thoughts.  Once there he meets Phil, his shy roommate.  He will do anything and everything to get Phil out of his shell. 

~ inspired by the film "it's kind of a funny story" but the plot is quite different ~
(Grammar editing in progress)

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I yelled Chris even though I knew it was PJ. Somebody help pls
LonelyRainChild LonelyRainChild Apr 08, 2017
Before they notice in gone???
                              Its I'm
Hey_Im_GAYYYYYYY Hey_Im_GAYYYYYYY Oct 22, 2017
Dude, when you’re suicidal, nothing matters. When you’re suicidal, you believe that you just will fûck everything up. When you’re suicidal, people telling you that it’s selfish makes you feel even worse about yourself. (It may not be the same for everyone but it’s how it is for me.)
Autumnyee Autumnyee Mar 25
O Prozac the stuff I’m on. Just thought I would say that...
helilise helilise Aug 01, 2017
This part also happens in the movie " it's kind of a funny story " he dreams basically the exact same thing as dan does here except he wakes up before he hits the water, except one day he doesn't , and he actually dreams himself drowning. Then he checks himself into a mental hospital
This seems weird cause Louise is like a mother figure to dan and phil in my opinion