I'm Your Boss (BoyxBoy)

I'm Your Boss (BoyxBoy)

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T. Gray By notbackingdown Completed

I am was nothing more than his employee. His babysitter. His tutor. His butler. Always he was my baby. My son. My friend. My employer. 

Then a tragic accident changed him. He lost His parents. And he shut himself away. He hid in our house until he took charge of his life again. 

I always saw him as mine. In one way or another. I bathed him, fed him, nurtured him. Loved him. 

Never did I see him as a potential lover. Not until he kissed me. Kissed me with a passion no woman or any other man could posses. 

And now I was his. Utterly and irrevocably his. 


This is a short story containing romance between two guys. If you don't like then don't read.

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alyss45 alyss45 Apr 27, 2017
He's not the one from your tap story right? He had daddy issues too
alyss45 alyss45 Apr 27, 2017
Shouldn't he be 28, you said hiro was 2 when roar came to live whith them and that he was 13 back then. So an age difference of 11? Not that it really matters, but i was wondering
Mysterious_Belle Mysterious_Belle Aug 08, 2017
Bruh, y'all done jumped back more than a decade with the music y'all listening to. Ashanti is OLD!!
Sup3rBae Sup3rBae Sep 29, 2016
How can Roarke be 30? I realize Chapter One was written a little ambiguously ("I watched over Hiro for five years and then became the Butler at the age of 20"), but NOWHERE does it lead a reader to believe that Hiro going to school and Roarke becoming the Butler DIDN'T happen around the same time.
JesOlivares JesOlivares Apr 17, 2016
What's with the large age gap... His mother got the butler when the bugler was 5 and the boy was 2
WinterWriter1218 WinterWriter1218 Jul 31, 2016
Yep I'm being reminded of Black Butler.  I watch it way to much.  I think I annoy my parents when watching it.