Red Lilac

Red Lilac

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Michelle Ileto By iletomichelle Completed

After five years and a thousand regrets, two old lovers meet again..

"What kind of stunt are you pulling out this time?" I see his eyes blaze in blue fire. And I think I saw regret flash, too, before he blinks it gone.

"I am going to win you back." he states as if those are the most natural thing in the world. As if it was as easy as ABC.

He went behind his table and sits like a king. He looks at me from head to toe. Did I just saw love in those eyes? But it's too quick; I even thought I only imagined it.

"And do you think, buying the company I am working at will help you with your fucking mission on Earth?" I snap taking two steps forward.

He stands up, and put both of his hands in the table and lean his body closer to me, putting his weight on his palms. So close, I can even smell his cologne that mixed so naturally with his aftershave. It reminds me of summer. Of him. Of the love we'd shared.

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petite98 petite98 Apr 20
Am really excited to read this book 😘😘😘😘😘😘
tkkerr1 tkkerr1 Sep 04, 2016
We were both too young during that time and trying to make an impact.
tkkerr1 tkkerr1 Sep 04, 2016
The blind dates were a failure that my friends set me up with.
SarahBensonBooks SarahBensonBooks Oct 02, 2015
@iletomichelle Sometimes the pathway to love can be very difficult, can't it?!