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High School Wars

High School Wars

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$@ndy By Crazyyyy_Ideas Updated Mar 18

HR: #207 IN TEEN FICTION**  Previously known as 'The Badboy And Me'
"Oh look, here she is", he sneered. The sounds of laughter and gossiping stopped abruptly as everyone turned around to face us. Even the bickering between Ethan and Roxanne had come to a standstill. People were now recording the exchange, which I did find a little weird.
"What a whore", someone whispered.
"Come spend tomorrow night with me", someone else called out causing a loud eruption of laughter.
"The night after that with me!", a third voice yelled.
"You have a girlfriend!", someone hissed back.
"Yeah well so does Brett!", the same voice chuckled. People were unable to control themselves anymore. They clutched their stomachs and laughed like there was no tomorrow. I suddenly realized what they were all talking about and shame weighed down on me. None of this should've happened. It wasn't supposed to get out.  
What is high school without drama and boy trouble. Join Amber as she fights her way through this sea of secrets, lies, enmity, hatred and games. It's a war and all we can do is hope that she survives! 
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LittleNerdDreamer LittleNerdDreamer Nov 14, 2016
Constructive critisim: don't use so many exclaimation points. 
                              Otherwise your story is really well written.
Dragonwings Dragonwings May 23, 2016
Just letting you know that this sounds more like high school than college, you aren't usually assigned partners in college.
flower198 flower198 Jul 24, 2016
If I really hated him (which I don't ) I would have burned those covers straight away
Dragonwings Dragonwings May 23, 2016
It also might be a good idea to say the main characters name closer to the beginning because I was a little confused about who everyone was. But it is good I like Ambers (?) mother.
IamSavagery IamSavagery Nov 07, 2016
Im happy I'm the oldest and my brother can't pick me up cuz sike that ain't happening
gabithia27 gabithia27 Feb 27
My mom says the same thing. It drives me absolutely crazy!!! 😜 😜