The Badboy And Me

The Badboy And Me

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Ethan grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, making me crash into him. I was already burning with rage and this just ticked me off a tad bit more... making me explode. I raised my hand and my fist connected with his jaw, I then kneed him in his family jewels, punched his stomach and threw his limp body to the floor. Dusting my hands, I glared at him, challenging him to touch me again but he was too busy moaning in pain to even look at me. "Wow", someone whispered in my ears making me jump. Without thinking, I turned around and threw another punch at the person's face. He groaned and took a step back, clutching his face.

"Ms. Howard and Mr. Gray to my office now!", the principal growled as he barged into the cafeteria.

Ethan was back on his legs and he shot Mr. Wilbur an annoyed look. "Do you need me to tell my dad how pathetic you are at your job and how you sleep for almost the entire day in your cabin?"

Mr. Wilbur gave him a shocked look and then turned to me, "Surely Ms. Howard you wouldn't want you parents to know about this. This could also go on your permanent record."

"Oh Mr. Wilbur... If you're threatened by him, what chance do you stand against me? My dad can do just as much damage to your job and career as his can... If not more", I smirked.

"I-I-I don't get it. It happened not once but twice... and I fell for it", I cried.
"Hey... I'm here", he smiled. 

Things had changed between us and I could feel it... maybe it was just me or maybe things did just work themselves out... and they worked out so well that I'd spent the last ten minutes crying in my 'his' arms.

Its love, friendship, enmity, drama... Read it to enjoy it.

NelaScott - "Oh I'd recommend your books to my friends but they like completed books so I'll enjoy it first and then tell them about it."

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Constructive critisim: don't use so many exclaimation points. 
                              Otherwise your story is really well written.
Dragonwings Dragonwings May 23
Just letting you know that this sounds more like high school than college, you aren't usually assigned partners in college.
flower198 flower198 Jul 24
If I really hated him (which I don't ) I would have burned those covers straight away
Dragonwings Dragonwings May 23
It also might be a good idea to say the main characters name closer to the beginning because I was a little confused about who everyone was. But it is good I like Ambers (?) mother.
Im happy I'm the oldest and my brother can't pick me up cuz sike that ain't happening