Living With The BadBoy (ON HOLD)

Living With The BadBoy (ON HOLD)

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MsMonZz By msmonz Updated Jan 11, 2016

"Come on BabyGirl, just admit it! You want me, i get to you, you find yourself 'drawn' to me. You say that you have no feelings for me whatsoever but we both know you think otherwise." He says with a large smirk on his face, me rolling my eyes back at him.

"Oh please Damon! your so full of yourself, you think you can get any girl you want and that you are gods gift on this earth when in reality you can't even make me want you! And by the way i'm not your 'babygirl' It's a miracle that i can even live with you so don't make it worse by calling me that. " I reply brutally back to him.

"And your just so sure about that aren't you Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes? You don't know what i'm capable of. i can take you anytime, anywhere honey. I can make you drop to your knees and you wouldn't even know what hit you!" he yells back walking towards me. Pushing me against the wall not allowing me to escape. His gorgeous blue orbs widen at me in anger, making him even more attractive then he was before, it made him so much sexier it astonished me.

"Oh yeah? Prove it!" I retaliate back at him, my heart beating quickly, as his hand is pressed against the wall i feel his breath on my neck as he looks down into my eyes seductively like he was planning something. Our faces inches apart from one another. What was he going to do? I thought.

 Elena Anastov is a 20 year old pre- med student that just transferred to Ashcroft College. It was a miracle that Elena's application was submitted into her school, due to living overseas for 1 year with her parents in Bulgaria after she graduated High School. Elena is then paired into a dorm where she was to live with the inappropriate, selfish, heartbreaker bad boy Damon Salvatore. Of course, living in a room for 3 years with the opposite sex would be tough, but how will they cope with one another when they are the complete opposite? Or better yet will they fall madly inlove with one another and ignore all the bad things that come with it?

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user88692440 user88692440 Oct 10, 2017
This is so vampire diaries and I refuse to continue to read it.
annietheoncer annietheoncer Jul 26, 2016
Oh my gawd this is so good, I've wanted to read this since I finished watching tvd however this is just as good as it looks, so thank u fabulous author for making two of my favorites TVD fanfics
julia_rr julia_rr Jan 07, 2016
So this IS vampire diaries.. Are you like copying it basically?
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Jan 04, 2016
Hahaha poor Elena Avastov(A) (it's surname for russian women, hun, on ending A) How she could imagin eto live with Badboy like Damon? That's catastrophe 0_0
                              He's really pig, how he could bring the girl to their room? 
                              Shame on you, Damon ;D
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Dec 18, 2015
I love it. That's fanfic to my fav serial Vampire Diaries? Great stuff!
                              I think Elena so lucky to have room like that, so big and so rich ;)
                              OMG, so Damon is her roommate? I think it's gonna be fine! haha
                              Will check more!