Broken Promise [BTS Jungkook FanFic]

Broken Promise [BTS Jungkook FanFic]

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ʚ hσng chíttαphσn ɞ By XoXoXiuMimi Completed

Description: (Must read My Love From Above [Jungkook FanFic] before reading this book)

"We'll never leave each other again.."



Kira (You) and Jungkook, a normal married couple with a son named Taekook. You have an ordinary family life together.

Is this your happily ever after?

What if... there was a side effect that you and Jungkook were never aware of?

Would you still have your Happily Ever After or... Will that be taken away from you by one broken promise?

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NoJamQueen NoJamQueen Feb 04
I'm thinking of Super junior now because 
                              Seolri seolri seolri naega naega naega meonjeo nege nege nege ppajeo ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby
I can't take this seriously. Imma just keep thinking that this character is Taehyung because TaeKook is my ultimate ship so excuji me
I'm the woman that popped you out of my vagina you lil betch!!!
Min_Siliva Min_Siliva Apr 16
Are you sure this is my son? Umm....
When author nim ships taekook but has to do a jungkookxreader ff😂😂😂😂😂😂✌❤❤❤