Broken Promise [BTS Jungkook FanFic]

Broken Promise [BTS Jungkook FanFic]

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Description: (Must read My Love From Above [Jungkook FanFic] before reading this book)

"We'll never leave each other again.."



Kira (You) and Jungkook, a normal married couple with a son named Taekook. You have an ordinary family life together.

Is this your happily ever after?

What if... there was a side effect that you and Jungkook were never aware of?

Would you still have your Happily Ever After or... Will that be taken away from you by one broken promise?

jeonkitty05 jeonkitty05 Jun 20
Okay this gurl is a pushover!!! If my son talked to me that way he would be running  for his life before the chancla smack him
SosoMarroqi SosoMarroqi Apr 13
What's so weird about that? I'd rather call my husband by his name and the same goes for him
mayasha2004 mayasha2004 Aug 02, 2016
I thought my baby sister who is a few days old is smarter than you.
                              It is either that she is smart aa hell which is probably not or that you were born with no brain...the second one sounds more like yeah I am going with that one (no offense, just for fun)
mayasha2004 mayasha2004 Aug 02, 2016
that is awkward also because she is a reporter.....
                              If you know what I mean....probably not...yeah I am the only one...
KookieMocha16 KookieMocha16 Aug 13, 2016
YAY I'm hear! And I heard mostly read that there will be a book 3! Is that true?! Jinja? Wae? Mwo! I cannot as I cannot! LoL keep fighting! I Love You!!!
visualnamjoon visualnamjoon Dec 29, 2016