Tortured - Short Story

Tortured - Short Story

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I had my mate.
He was a werewolf and I was a human.
Perfect, right?


I'm beaten everyday by him.
I'm raped every day by him.
He let's all the other men in his pack rape me.
I'm starved. Bruised. Beaten. Raped. Bullied. Tortured.

I'm over powered. Why? He's Alpha. What he says goes.

I'm the only female in his pack.

It's because we're rogues and my mate only likes to collect men. If the men do have a mate... He kills them.

And guess what? 

I Hate It.

Everyday I want to kill myself.
Every time I'm beaten I want to kill myself.
Every time I'm raped I want to kill myself.


Because I'm tortured.

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Hi this is my second time reading this book, and I was about to comment "Cringing everynow and then" then I see my comment last year. Sh00k😂😂😂
I'll give you a hateful comments
                              "I like this book already."
12AliCat6 12AliCat6 Dec 22, 2017
It’s sad how she doesn’t want to be seen as weak by us 😿😿
heardmyvoice heardmyvoice Dec 07, 2017
It's too painful. I don't know what to do.... it's like I can't even pity her
Xxpink-lollipopXx Xxpink-lollipopXx Jul 01, 2017
If she ends up giving him a second chance after this....💔😡
12AliCat6 12AliCat6 Dec 22, 2017
Aww u don’t deserve hate after giving us the advantage of it 😇😅