Natsu x male reader

Natsu x male reader

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Natsu POV
It was like any other ordinary day,natsu and the gang went to a job.Natsu,gray,erza and wendy did most of the work while lucy sat there.On the train that was heading back to Magonolia was here.Natsu was about to go in when he bumped into someone.

"Ouch!"The (y/hc) man said.

"Sorry",Natsu said apologeticly

"Its fine",the (y/hc) said while he had a slight blush across his face
Natsu say that this man did not have a guild mark anywhere and asked him whether he wanted to join fairy tail as natsu thought this man was very cute.

"That's where i was heading for!are you titania,salamander,the ice maker wizard,the sky dragon slayer and that super famous celestial spirit mage who has collected 10 golden keys?"he said
"Yup thats us!"i said gleefully

As the train went back to magonolia we chatted with this (y/hc) man.

"Your a Water Dragon Slayer!"we exclaimed.he replied with a nod.

Once we reached magonolia,we ran to the guild and introduced this man to the old man.

"Whats your n...

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salamander138 salamander138 May 13, 2017
When your sitting here going I'm not gay I promise but, you then start to develop a crush on our favorite dragon slayer.  Pshhh I'm not gay. No way. Pshhh. No Homo
ArcanaScar ArcanaScar Aug 26, 2017
Not gonna lie if that thought was in my head it would end with the lyrics for what is this feeling from Wicked
Currygirl2 Currygirl2 Oct 02, 2017
"We chatted with this black man " 😂😂😂😂 lemme stop 😂
Currygirl2 Currygirl2 Oct 02, 2017
When you just put in the color " 'ouch' the black man said" lol 😂😂😂
Yaoi-My-Drug Yaoi-My-Drug Jun 22, 2017
.....The English tho
                              I'm sorry for being a grammar nazi
Sadistic_Kinky_Rouge Sadistic_Kinky_Rouge Mar 01, 2017
Wait- can guys gget on there pe*couhs* /that/ too? if they can maybe effects? maybe you are sick???
                              Jae: or your in love?~ ;)
                              JAE- STOP POPPING OUTOF NOWHERE