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Indulging Imagines

Indulging Imagines

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Diggy networks™ By -HolyTrinity Updated Jul 31, 2016


I held my stomach as I leaned over the sink, these cramps are killing me. It's bad enough I had to walk the red carpet and look pretty with intense cramps, but I have to go to the after party and go through more pain, this is unbearable. Daniel, my fiance, or also known as Diggy, barged in the bathroom.

"Babe, we have to be there in less than an hour what's taking so long!". I turned to face him with my hand on my stomach.

"I don't feel good". I whined. His face softened as he saw that I was in discomfort.

"What's wrong?" He asked rubbing my back. This whole thing is what's wrong. See, Diggy is a very successful R&B artist. Being at these events is very important for his rep, as for me, I'm his arm candy. We've been together since he decided that he wanted to become a rapper, that's a long time. I've been there with him from the come up, I was there for his first interview, first recording, first performance, first award show when he was nominated.

But he's letting his fam...

Queen_devy Queen_devy Oct 09, 2016
I would've just said then I'll go find somebody who can give it to me
teawithCrys teawithCrys Aug 04, 2016
I ain't get no dick cause of you, you not gon get no sleep cause of me 🎤🎼🍳🍳😂
KaylaThaWriter KaylaThaWriter Mar 07, 2016
Spoiled Girlfriend Like Me Be Like This When Bae Says No 😂
SoThisIsDeeDee_Lames SoThisIsDeeDee_Lames Sep 27, 2016
I would hope so. If not, you should talk to your doctor immediately.