The Ordinary High School (SidePack FF) *COMPLETED*

The Ordinary High School (SidePack FF) *COMPLETED*

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Hawaii By Hawaiigirl435 Completed

High School...  

The typical students: Jocks, Players, Nerds, Loners, the list goes on and on...

You will have enemies and friends along the way...

On one day things change... 

A new girl wants this school year to be the best.

She wants everybody to be friends, no enemies.

Well.. Maybe some...

She will help the nerds be more cooler.

The players be more nicer to girls.

The loners have more friends.

Maybe she will fall in love...

Join us in...

The Ordinary High School

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PandaMemez PandaMemez Jul 17, 2017
No idea how Josh is the idiot, but it seems interesting.
                              Started July 17 2017 12:33 AM
Wdwshouldfuckme Wdwshouldfuckme Dec 16, 2016
Hawaii lets make a highschool story with the side pack together
xoliansandra xoliansandra Jan 18, 2016
I thought you lived in Hawaii, but it's your name. I live in Maui, Hawaii though :p , but I love your name
SidePilots SidePilots Sep 06, 2015
I didn't think anyone really liked that imagine let alone it inspire someone to write a book based off of it XD I look forward to reading your book!