A forbidden neko love (yu-gi-oh fanfiction boy x boy)

A forbidden neko love (yu-gi-oh fanfiction boy x boy)

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kitsune love hearts ♡ By JameelaAlMansoori Updated Nov 18, 2015

Once apon a time, there was a kingdom named sapphire,and the king of this kingdom was Yami, who ruled over the people of sapphire, a kingdom of magical creatures, Yami great was a  king and his title was Yami the great pharaoh, he was a Neko with pitch black ears and tail, no one ever calls him by his name.

One day he met a neko slave boy, his name was Yugi , when Yami returns to Yugi he isn't able to find him so he returned to the palace to find out that Yugi had become a slave at the palace. 

A/N: I do not own yu-gi-oh and/or it's characters and any thing you see familiar with in the story goes to their respective owners, I get inspired by other people so plz don't tell on me.

and please go easy on the comments this is my first yu-gi-oh fanfiction, hope you enjoy this story.♡:-)

warning : yaoi maybe some tēa bashing

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arexess arexess May 16, 2016
Quite funny that Yami's the ruler of Sapphire when her has CRIMSON eyes
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Aug 24, 2015
2 things, 1 sorry I didn't comment earlier but I had school and 2 AMAZING WORK
- - Aug 24, 2015
if the serpentine is Tea, someone (that someone being a certain teenage girl with short brown hair and blue eyes) is going to get season zero Yami-ed
- - Aug 24, 2015
I find it adoooooooooooorable~ ≧∇≦
                              I love Neko yugi :3