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Love and War

Love and War

163K Reads 3.8K Votes 25 Part Story
oliviafojt By oliviafojt Updated Jan 25

Bella is half quileute and a complete hothead. She pretends to be different with the Cullens, up until her disastrous 18th birthday. The Cullens leave Bella and she shifts into a werewolf. Three of the Cullens still contact her, the only three she doesn't hate. Bella and Paul meet and imprint on eachother. Will these two hot headed stubborn shifters accept the imprint? Or deny it ever happened? Will the Cullens come back? And what about Victoria?

  • angela
  • bella
  • charlotte
  • emmett
  • jacob
  • jasper
  • paul
  • peter
  • rosalie
  • twilight
  • vampire
  • volturi
  • werewolf