Magi: Cascade - Sinbad x Reader / Judal x Reader

Magi: Cascade - Sinbad x Reader / Judal x Reader

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Eiso 愛 By Allieiso Updated Oct 13

It started with your home country's economical problems, leading to living with a mighty King, and secretly meeting with a powerful Magi at night. 

Although, all because of a misunderstanding, everything changes.

...Just what exactly is your fate?

Wait hold up my answer is
                              I GET TO MARRY THIS HAWT GUY
Me: shuuuuuut up and stop acting caroming for the moment
                              Sinbad: wha-
                              Me: I can just IMAGINE Ja'far face palming and musurr mumbling under his breath' womanizer of the seven seas*
.*takes out knives from sleeve *
                              Come on millimeter closer and I'll make you wish your dad used a condom
Smol_fri Smol_fri Oct 05
You call me useless but if i werent Almhond (i think im spelling it right)would be bankrupt
This is honestly really realistic. Most people have the most unrealistic ways of having the reader/oc marry a cannon character. In short, I applaud this work :D