[Dropped] Magi: Cascade - Sinbad x Reader / Judal x Reader

[Dropped] Magi: Cascade - Sinbad x Reader / Judal x Reader

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Zuei By Allieiso Updated Jun 02, 2017

*The story has been dropped. Read at your own risk of never knowing how it ends.

It started with your home country's economical problems, leading to living with a mighty King, and secretly meeting with a powerful Magi at night. 

Although, all because of a misunderstanding, everything changes.

...Just what exactly is your fate?

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ChocolateCoKo ChocolateCoKo Sep 26, 2017
Me is a Ghost:Ja'far.....you has crazy fangirl here u know...if u see on I suggest u run!
                              ...oh u must wonder why am I a ghost...cuz Ja'far killed mw when he said I was beautiful! GODDAMN YOU BAE!!!
Sayaka777 Sayaka777 Oct 30, 2017
Me: I dunno. Why u askn' me? Ask him! *points to random person*
                              Random person: *shouts from far away* DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER!?!?!
-no_u- -no_u- Oct 13, 2017
I WaNt tHe edGe MaStEr.
                              nOt thE dUdE wHosE hAir DefYs loGic.
ChocolateCoKo ChocolateCoKo Sep 26, 2017
Ja'far! BAE JA'FAR IS BAE!!! .....I find it weird that I'm reading this yet Ja'far be like my #1 bae though out the Magi series! XD
-no_u- -no_u- Oct 13, 2017
The dude know I won't have another shot with someone whose hair deifys logic.
-no_u- -no_u- Oct 13, 2017
He's ONE of the first.
                              It's doesn't specify if he was the first.