[Dropped] Magi: Cascade - Sinbad x Reader / Judal x Reader

[Dropped] Magi: Cascade - Sinbad x Reader / Judal x Reader

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Zuei By Allieiso Updated Jun 02

*The story has been dropped. Read at your own risk of never knowing how it ends.

It started with your home country's economical problems, leading to living with a mighty King, and secretly meeting with a powerful Magi at night. 

Although, all because of a misunderstanding, everything changes.

...Just what exactly is your fate?

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Me is a Ghost:Ja'far.....you has crazy fangirl here u know...if u see on I suggest u run!
                              ...oh u must wonder why am I a ghost...cuz Ja'far killed mw when he said I was beautiful! GODDAMN YOU BAE!!!
Sayaka777 Sayaka777 Oct 30
Me: I dunno. Why u askn' me? Ask him! *points to random person*
                              Random person: *shouts from far away* DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER!?!?!
I WaNt tHe edGe MaStEr.
                              nOt thE dUdE wHosE hAir DefYs loGic.
Ja'far! BAE JA'FAR IS BAE!!! .....I find it weird that I'm reading this yet Ja'far be like my #1 bae though out the Magi series! XD
The dude know I won't have another shot with someone whose hair deifys logic.
He's ONE of the first.
                              It's doesn't specify if he was the first.