Just Another Kardashian (magcon Fanfic)

Just Another Kardashian (magcon Fanfic)

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cashew_0707 By cashew_0707 Updated Jan 30

Karlie Kardashian... just another Kardashian. Karlie is a famous singer and at one of her concerts she meets the love of her life who just so happens to be in Magcon.

Will it be love at first sight or will it take time? Read and find out who Karlie falls in love with and how her life is not so usual since being a Kardashian.


"Hey babe." I cheer through the phone.

"Hey baby girl. I miss you so much!" He says.

"I miss you more." I say while sitting down.

"Impossible." He replies.

NXKitty NXKitty Jun 30
7th July X777.......if anyone gets what anime that's from,  I will love u forever.
uhdaniel uhdaniel Feb 07
OMG its hard to find a story with both MagCon and The Dolan Twins:)
Minxeemoo Minxeemoo May 01, 2016
Omg my faves SAMMY MATT SHAWN CAM AND JACK J although if any asked me
                              Out I would gladly accept I mean hit dawgy dem boys be fly
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