Rejected (GxG) Discontinued

Rejected (GxG) Discontinued

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RenYukimura By RenYukimura Updated Apr 26

This is GxG which mean girlxgirl. If you don't like that kind of stuff, I advise you not to read it.

Zoe Fukuyama has been abused and teased by her family and pack mates because compared to her pack mates, she's weak and useless. She has yet to find her mate.

What happens when she finds out that her mate is the alpha, Alex Johnson. Alex Johnson is the next alpha in line for the pack. She's known something for a while but hasn't told her pack. She is dating Zoe's older sister, Anna.

Alex rejects Zoe as her mate and Zoe is so heart broken and decides to run away.

What happens next?? Read on and find out

  • abuse
  • action
  • gxg
  • hatred
  • love
  • rejection
  • werewolf
Iamhumam Iamhumam Aug 02
I don’t know wtf just happened 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I don’t really care 😑 imma get the fück up outta here ✌🏽 fück 🖕🏽this shït I’m out ✌🏽👌🏽
ouatiw ouatiw Apr 22
You feel sorry for her and then you read her last name and you feel even more sorry
If I was her I already beat the crap out of her, please change the plot
Iamhumam Iamhumam Aug 02
I don’t know why but I keep reading the last name as “Fück ya mama” lmao 😂
OHMAGAWD If I woke up because of her screaming,I would deffo throw her out XD jk I like babies
lilgirl124 lilgirl124 Jul 23, 2016
Tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf tf TF WTF  hold on hold on hold on Imma slap a bish