Without A Queen (POF Sequel)

Without A Queen (POF Sequel)

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Sensational. By TehPeaceMaker Updated 4 days ago

"I-iman I know you're still upset at me and You have every right to be-"

"Well thank you for your permission!" Iman yelled sarcastically, Back at him.

"I just-what do I have to do iman? I want you to love me again. I can't take anymore of this."

"Thats the problem Justin. You have to make me fall in love with you again."

sugarscotch sugarscotch 3 days ago
Thanks for bringing it back up and by the way Prince Of France was actually the best book I've ever read❤😭 @TehPeaceMaker
ltwontstop ltwontstop Mar 03
imma keep reading cause this is getting interesting and I love it
foogazy foogazy Aug 08
Not cheating 
                              Probably to just go away for sometime or continue the cold shoulder
                              If you wanna be mean make him beg
Shes actually really sweet shes just stupid and gullible but she is a good person
bizzlemeup bizzlemeup 4 days ago
I was reading it then I couldn't find it in my list and I was like wtf where did it go
You did not just say that...no you did not...YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND CREATIVE THE EFFORT YOU PUT IN YOUR BOOKS IS UNBELIEVABLE....so stop lying your VERY talented and a great writer....k bye