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Girl Almighty

Girl Almighty

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✨stargirl✨ By frannyclouds Updated Jan 12

Harry Styles, the charming popular one. Everybody in the school either wants to know him or wants to sleep with him. Senior

Isabelle (Bella) Westwood, the school's sport star sister. Everyone at school knows and loves her. Senior. 

Edward Styles, the punk bad boy. You don't mess with him and avoid him at cost. Senior. 

Lillian (Lily) Westwood. Shy nerdy bookworm sister, that spends more time with books than actual people. Sophomore. 

Marcel, the nerdy friendly triplet. Too bad nobody at school wants to actually be his friend. Senior. 

Amber Westwood. Popular it girl. Has a surprising high IQ for a shopaholic but behaves otherwise. Junior.

Let the clash of the Social Classes begin with a little sibling's .vs. sibling's rivalry...

Started: September 23rd, 2015

All Rights Reserved @ frannyclouds 
Cover by : •frannyclouds•
This story is based on the song "Girl Almighty" by One Direction & "New Romantics" by Taylor Swift

Moon_cristal Moon_cristal Oct 11, 2016
You can literally see from this sentence that this is fictional bc Selena wins
HarlenaIsMyDilemma HarlenaIsMyDilemma Jun 26, 2016
I have an ass a big one but I have very small boobs I'm a size A and I'm 15
ayeeharry ayeeharry Jul 17, 2016
she's always the bad girl in fanfics and idk why she's literally the sweetest
ayeeharry ayeeharry Jul 17, 2016
I love how the west woods are with the polar opposites. like since lily is shy and everything and Edward is all cheeky and dark and Amber is a b.itch (love her tho) and Marcel is sweet and smart and so on
JusTheBuss JusTheBuss Apr 03, 2016
Me 24/7 😂😂😂 but at the end of the day it's always gonna be Calum