Forgotten One [Naruto Fanfiction] Kakashi's Love Story ❤️

Forgotten One [Naruto Fanfiction] Kakashi's Love Story ❤️

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HIATUS By Rin_Chi_Hatake Updated Aug 16, 2016






Those words all describes how Akito feels. Akito is a smart yet lazy person. Everyday she would try and get her parents praises only to be in her sisters' shadows. She spend her days reading anime just to get away from the cruel thing called reality. She fakes her smiles, her laughter, and her happiness. The one thing she can't fake is how lonely she feels inside. Every night she would cry herself to sleep and went into deep depression without anyone knowing, covering her wrist with bandages and wearing black fingerless gloves to cover them up. One day she was walking to college when she gets into a car accident. Instead of going to heaven she end up in NARUTO?!?!!!!!

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OliveTait OliveTait Jan 28
Why is this such a popular thing among Naruto fanfictions? It's solely Naruto ones that I find this happening.
IhasPURPlesHOES IhasPURPlesHOES Dec 23, 2017
Little kid: are u a boy or a girl?
                              Me: *in head FREAKING AGAIN!?* I'm a girl *blank stare*
                              I mean I have an undercut... I do have boobs though!!!  YOU BLIND?
ZoeKraft ZoeKraft Dec 25, 2016
'-because if people saw her face they would immediately fall for her. ' 
                              *Slow claps*
FemCanada1 FemCanada1 Aug 21, 2016
This is me all the way... It's funny how no one really seems to notice unless they've been in a position like yours before
rundevilrun33 rundevilrun33 Jan 16, 2017
I was born on September 26 2002!!!! She is older than me by a few months 😤
- - Feb 20, 2017
You described me right there... the only times I can truly ha happy are when... we'll I don't know *shrug*