Youtuber Quotes!

Youtuber Quotes!

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SpicyKiwiWrites By SpicyKiwiWrites Updated a day ago

I spend pretty much every second of every day watching YouTube, and some quotes that I hear are just too funny to let go of. So I decided to make a book of them. Each chapter will be a quote or recommendation of a video made by a YouTuber from mainly The Pack or The Sidemen

Quote chapters, which make up most of the book, are just single quotes with the name of the YouTuber who made the quote as the title of the chapter.

"Top Kek Rec" is the segment where I recommend videos that are my personal favorites for their hilarious content.

Banter chapters contain a segment of dialogue between any number of YouTubers.

Remember to comment if you recognize the quote!

New: Test your Sidemen and Pack knowledge with game shows like "Finish the Quote," "WhoTuber," and "Direction!"

TBNRCharizard TBNRCharizard Feb 25, 2016
Omg which video was this in? 😂 hahaha Preston gotta luv him
faeriekiing faeriekiing Aug 31, 2015
This is from that one bridges isn't it? Either that or the walls, can't remember :3