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The Bad Boy's Princess

The Bad Boy's Princess

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your mother By lilmote124 Updated Mar 22


- I do not have an updating schedule, I write when I'm in the mood so updates are spontaneous, I'm full of surprises;)-

When Sasha Maybourne experiences yet another panic attack, she does the one thing that comes to mind. She runs... Right into Alec Stone. What she expects to be a one time interaction turns into a new found relationship, full of many interactions, with the one person she never expected. 
  Sasha Maybourne is your typical 17 year old. She's outgoing, but shy,  smart, but naive. She has zero experience with guys, due to an unforgettable past that scarred her. 
  But when she runs, literally, into the school player, her life may turn around.
  Enter Alec Stone, the highschool's bad boy/player. He charms the pants off of girls with his words and infamous smirk. When a girl runs into him, he can't forget her, and the more he learns about her, the more he wants to stick around.
  •Profane language 
  •gets better the more you read!
  •cliché, I try not to make it to be but I've realized a lot of it is, hope you don't mind:)

••••••I'm sorry if this book lacks consistency, I personally have a lot going on with myself and going on in my mind so things get jumbled up and it can cause a mess :/ but I think this book has really pulled through so don't hesitate to read!!!••••••
  ⭐⭐⭐⭐PLEASE READ:) enjoy!⭐⭐⭐⭐

She is FAR from 5'3. If you're going to add a cast, I recommend you actually using the literal image of the actress because for people who have met Taylor Hill, it's hard to imagine her as 5'3. What I mean is get your facts right. (Not in a rude way though)
Actually, 5'5 is the average for US women. I only know that because I recently looked it up to see if I was of average height or below average height-- I'm 5'3 & I'm below average.
I'm so annoyed when the main character is short. It makes me agitated and then I quit reading. I don't know why though.
That's mean. I like both of those subjects. Some of us want to be something that actually matters in the future. Like space scientists, lawyers, teachers and doctors.
LonelyCasey LonelyCasey Jun 12, 2016
guys i just found crumbs from the brownie i had earlier in my bra and they're actually kinda comfortable
nicola_shea nicola_shea Aug 22, 2016
I'm so happy the l queen bitch, plastic person isn't blonde for once.