In love with the angel of darkness ( Paul Lahote Love story)

In love with the angel of darkness ( Paul Lahote Love story)

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Morinozuka Hime By Hime_chan10 Updated Aug 03, 2017

( Addams Family/Twilight Crossover) 
Morticia and Gomez Addams not only had three children but four actually. They have a daughter name Patricia Addams who is beloved in the Addams household. Wednesday admires her older sister, Pugsley obeys his older sister's commands, and Pubert loves to be carried in her arms. Patricia Gomez is now 15 years of age and going to high school.

" Father..." Patricia walks into her father's office seeing Gomez throwing darts. " Ah! My beautiful red rose. What is it that you need?" Patricia approaches him with a calm face. 

" I would like to live with our distant family..." Gomez stopped to look back at his oldest daughter. " Which one?" Gomez has a lot of distant family members. 

" I kept in contact with my distant cousin Bella Swan. I was wondering if I could live with her and her father and go to her school." Gomez rubs his chin. 

" Of course my red rose! Just send us letters and when you feel like you are ready to come back just call and we will pick you up." Patricia gave a soft smile giving her father a hug. She packed her things leaving her crazy beloved family behind. She soon reached Forks not knowing what she is going to deal with.

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