Henry Mills X Reader

Henry Mills X Reader

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Okay, I know in my last oneshot(That I deleted to go under construction), I said I wouldn't, or somewhere around those lines, do a 'Person X Reader'. So..this is my very first time doing this. I hope you like it! Sorry it sucks..

SUMMARY:  You are the daughter of Hook, yes THE Captain James Hook, and you have been dating Henry for about 2 years. Your father never knew about your relationship until one night when he caught you and Henry being all couple mushy stuff at Granny's Diner very late at night. What is his reaction? Will he approve or not? ((A/N: For some reason the word 'couple' looks wrong to me. Ever had that happen to you? Spell a word wrong and it looks right but when you spell a word right it looks wrong? Anyway, I suck at summaries but you get the gist. OH! And you and Henry are about 17-18 in this.))

I do not own you or Once Upon A Time. I only own the plot. You can be own by Henry. Enjoy! *Opens a portal so you can jump into the story* Have fun!

Im in a grocery store rn and I'm trying so hard to keep a straight face
If hook is with Emma and Emma is Henry's mom then supposedly I'm supposed to be hook's daughter doesn't that kind of make me and Henry related???
That's creepy my friends and I were doing that over lunch and I started reading this book now!
MotherDragneel MotherDragneel 6 days ago
Ok I feel like a terrible person for laughing at this part of the book
LynnPines LynnPines Mar 17
first TMI, second try soda that usually helps with cramps. Heating pad also helps
radtech09 radtech09 Jan 31
I've seen that episode of spongebob, and I do know that Henry is adorbs!