Juvenile (Urban)

Juvenile (Urban)

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Queen Angela Vitani By BeautifulRaven13 Completed

"Loving the bad boy, isn't always right." Tyshawn told me, getting up from the bed.

"What?" I ask, confused. I don't understand what's going on. That's when his friends run into his room, " It was a dare! "

Angela is a beautiful, plus size teenager. She walks in the room confident, but leaves it insecure. Even though, she's in 12th grade she's still made fun of.
     Tyshawn is a fuckboy. No other words to explain him. He just want to fuck hot girls. But one day him, and his friends play truth or dare. And Tyshawn is dared to go out with Angela, until she gives 'it' up.
     But along the way, they start having feelings for each other, but what happens when he does the cruelest thing yet. 

   And the results? Can you say 'Positive'?
   Read and find out about this crazy, conflicting story about the love of a bad boy, and a good girl.

Rated R; Mature

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Lol hecky naw my mama still don’t be having it and I’m grown af 😂
rroniaah rroniaah Aug 18, 2016
wanna be hard ass niggas playing truth or dare ? 💀 where they do that at
PhoebeTolbert PhoebeTolbert Apr 02, 2016
I have been there guys think it's a joke to flirt with plus size girls in school but men love it all
Trap_goddesses Trap_goddesses Jun 09, 2016
I would have told that nigga that I don't got time him I got things to do places to be and next time he come up to side ways I'll show him what a fat bitch can do with these fist my hands are bisexual
Flawless315034 Flawless315034 Aug 14, 2016
First word that came out of his mouth and I already hate him
LiloLove LiloLove Feb 04, 2016
umm in deep in this story  nd id be mad asf  nd id fight everybody who had something to do wit it