max and phoebe love

max and phoebe love

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max POV: It was late at night and all I could think about was how much I cared for phoebe and how I would do anything to make her feel better.  But there was a growing urg that wanted me to protect her every were and be together."Max take your mind off phoebe for crying out loud". Dr. Colloso said" well you've finally lost it my boy". max- Don't make me freez you" and max had gone to bed saying goodnight but at the same time thinking of phoebe

phoebe POV. I couldn't stop butt think about my bad dream about getting dumped bye link. And I said " This is crazy but maybe max can cheer you up after all he has been nice". Your crazy phoebe I thought but I didn't listen I went down stairs and told max I had  bad dreams trying to see if he would help.

max POV. why is Phoebe here? and then she said she had a bad dream. so like a dumby I looked like volcano seeing her sleep shorts and as she started to act sad why telling me I got up and gave her a hug and she was happy again.

phoebe POV he c

HopeFairbanks HopeFairbanks Feb 06, 2016
This story is really good! but can u stop repeating the sale thing over??
chriscerulli1234 chriscerulli1234 Aug 24, 2015
sorry if I started the morning different than chapter 1 so ignore chapter twos morning