Broken ➟ Isaac Lahey

Broken ➟ Isaac Lahey

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Alex is the sister of the funny and sometimes annoying, Stiles Stilinski. Which also means that she's the daughter of the Sheriff of Beacon Hills. 

She befriends a boy that's quite mysterious. And she wants to get the secrets right out of him. But some things just aren't for everyone to know about. Once you get involved, there's no way out of it. And suddenly,

Alex feels broken.

I do not own any of the characters from MTV's Teen Wolf

Whoa we just learned Scott saw a wolf now we r jumping all the way to Isaac
His dad was a sicho and totally deserved to die nobody really missed him anyways
Or Teen Wolf is all made up from a mentally ill Stiles that used this tale to cope with the death of his best friend scott, who was mauled by a mountain lion sophmore year.
                              Minds blown. Btw, found this on Instagram, not my original theory.
She's definitely a Stilinski (since stiles always says about the hale family😉)
Like i said, Teen Wolf isnt real and Stiles is mentally ill, using this story in his brain to grieve the death of Scott, who was mauled by a mountain lion sophmore year.
                              But then I remembered that he's Barry's dad too so I just kinda gave up