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Hailey:) By Sallythebeagle2016 Completed

Lilly is anything but normal. She's a spy she's 21 but she's considered a rookie. 

She's used to people calling her that but really she's the top spy in the agency. 

She gets called for a meeting and she gets picked for a special mission that mission is to protect One Direction.

Can she do it?

Hey guys so this book thought just hit me so I wanted to write a new book! 

Sorry if this sounds like anyone else's book like I said it just came to me!

Please read!


I'm so sad that she doesn't have black hair. I have black hair wft is my life
Woah. Girls can grow humans inside them, push them out, AND feed them through there bodies. Where is the boys contribution? Oh. Yeah. Five minutes after they get a girl alone.
Am i the only one who's thinking mahogany lox from magcon and humming 'boom'
What is a rookie?????? Is it a cookie with rainbows or what?!😂
Cyn2021 Cyn2021 Dec 29, 2015
She's lucky, I'm German, ain't ever lived in Germany, but I got a German accent