The Famous Mates

The Famous Mates

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Atlanta (ATL) By 1Danggurl Updated Jul 16, 2016

Having famous bestfriends who turn out to be your soul mates, all FIVE of them!

Not to mention having a famous father who is extremely powerful in more ways than one.

Oh! and being famous yourself of course, being one of the only shifters in the world along with your dad the famous SIMON COWELL who was the first shifter and over protective father. 

Lets not forget those awesome weirdo's of mates ONE DIRECTION! 

Vivianna Cowell is a famous singer who befriends these five unique popstars and soon finds out she's the unluckiest girl ever, I mean being mates with the boys aren't  bad but when other supernaturals (vampires, werewolves, and witches)  want you dead for your powers your life isn't as good as it seems. Drama, fights, love, randomness, pranks and powers, if that's not enough throw in a couple more celebrities....(you'll have to read to find out)!!!

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1Danggurl 1Danggurl Aug 05, 2016
Idk for sure....I thought it was but it could be edited...either way 😍 dang! Lol 😂😜👌
1Danggurl 1Danggurl May 03, 2013
@StarsandScarsxx aw thank you but my skills are no where near as great as yours!:)
bridgitte_noelle77 bridgitte_noelle77 Apr 30, 2013
This sounds like a really interesting plot and I can't wait to read it! Brilliant, love!(: xo
1Danggurl 1Danggurl Mar 26, 2013
I have some pretty cool ideas for this and get ready for a funny game of truth or dare W/ some Pranks!!:) comment, vote, love!:)
1Danggurl 1Danggurl Mar 26, 2013
Pls comment on what u think so I Know If I should continue this is my first story so bear With me but I will try my best to update everyday if ppl want it