Death Cannot Stop Me - A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction

Death Cannot Stop Me - A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction

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Everyone thinks I'm dead. But I'm not. 

Hades and Nico are even fooled. And that's because I'm still down there. But a fake. 

The name is θύελλα. But you can call me Hurricane. Or Omega in formal occasions. It's a nickname from my soldiers. But I used to be someone else. Percy Jackson.

But that part of me died when he came. Alex. My half brother.

In a heartbeat, he was claimed the best fighter when he beat Clarisse in a stupid fight. Everyone forgot about me. Chiron ignored me. Blackjack wouldn't let me ride him. Poseidon told everyone that Alex was his pride and joy and that Alex was his favorite son. Then he granted Alex immortality. 

But worse, he got Annabeth too. With one look at him, she was always chatting with him, when I asked her to go for a stroll, she'd say she was busy. But when I followed her once, I found her with Alex. Kissing. I ignored my broken heart and went on living. And then the death happened. 

Malcolm, Annabeth's half brother was found dead. By the sea. And I was framed. Of course some had their doubts, but only my true friends. Nico, Thalia, Leo, Rachel and Grover. Everyone else sided with Alex. Who banished me and sent me to the gods. But before I got to Olympus, I got a chance at a new life. And I took it.

I've always wondered why Percy always had the 'code name' Omega in cliche stories, considering the Omega is technically the runt of the pack.... DOES AMYBODY ELSE THINK THIS OR AM I JUST BEING WEIRD AND IGNORANT ABOUT SOMETHING?!?!?!?!
LunaBPYT LunaBPYT Sep 13
I still think Percy would be all "Who are you?" Chaos would introduce himself and Percy would then reply like "Cool... so why you here?"
YYYAASS!! I don't know why but I love these bromances between Percy and Luke. It is the best!
Leo Jackson, younger brother of Percy. The greatest war heros of Olympus
So some reason I expect Percy to flip him off and continue walking lol
At first I read 'sniffed' as 'sniffled' and I was like AWWW THE EVIL GUY WGO MAKES EVERYBODY BETRAY PERCY HAS A HEART IN THIS ONE!!! Then I realized that no, this was not the case...