The Good Girl(s)'s Bad Boys 2: The Abnormal, The Abused, And The Accused.

The Good Girl(s)'s Bad Boys 2: The Abnormal, The Abused, And The Accused.

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"So let me get this straight. You brought me here,not to beat me up or do your homework,but to be your other good girl." Gabi thought about it for a second."Maybe you're just using me for your prurient matters!"

Jordan looks at Declan,dumbfound. "Is that another food?"

"Seriously,guys. It means lewd!" Naomi interjected.

Bennett looks at her,then at the guys. "What's lewd again?"

"Surrounded around idiots." Gabi and Naomi muttered simultaneously.

Meet Gabi. Gabi Billod. No,she's not your average normal looking nerd. She's your average normal looking geek! However, Gabi has a past only a few know; one using it against her. She moved into a new house, into a new school, into what she never thought she would ever have. 

A chance for a good start.

So when Gabi moved into a new school around mid-December,she didn't expect to meet the Three Musketeers and their good girl. But them asking her to meet them at Starbucks was as bad as pickle juice.

She caught all their eyes, not one by one,but at the same time. Her shy,yet determined attitude. Her strange obsession for long clothing. The Four Musketeers can't help but wonder what she's like. But not in a negative way, definitely not like that. It's more reverse.

It's not that hard to understand.

Naomi and Gabi will be the good girls.

The guys will be their bad boys.

(NOTE: This is a fanfic. I repeat: This is a FANFIC. I got permission from the original owner "RubixCube89201" to do this fanfic. This is my very first fanfiction so please be calm with me. Cover photo made by me. I hope you all enjoy. I may take long updates.)

This should be cool I never saw this even how long I had Rubix books it never lead me to this lol now it did
I really want to read this book. 
                              But I don't want this new girl to get a lovey dovey with the Musketeers. And ruin my dreams of Naomi and Bennett.
Um, this adds another girl. -thinks about it-
                              If I were you, I'd add another girl into the mix but for a different purpose. Hmm... 
                              How did you get permission to write this from Rubix? PM?
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I think we were all planning to push the report button till we read this... well llayed
Yeah I with the other comments lol
                              P.S you are so clumsy 😎
The first book was meh favourite book on  Wattpad! I hope this one is awesome too! 😊😊😊😊