Camerons little sister!

Camerons little sister!

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Hello My name Is Mia Dallas. I am 13 years old and my brother is in a group called "Magcon." 

His fans hate me. They hate me because Im his little sister and that Im always around him but I cant help it. He doesn't want me out of his site. Ever since my parents died.

Cameron's best friend Nash, he's like another big brother.  Nash's little brother Hayes.... Well lets just say I have a crush on him. But will Cam allow me to date him? I doubt it he wont even let me say "Hi." To a boy. 

*This story is about a girl who has a big brother who is famous. The fans don't like it because of the time he spends with her. One time her parents died after that, she tried to commit suicide, she cuts, and does other crazy things... Nobody knows except one person. Her best friend Hayes. He was sworn to never tell a sole. But everything has changed. She got better. Her brothers fans still hated her, she still had drama. But she was better. Until one day her life changed forever.*

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ithinktheyfoundme- ithinktheyfoundme- Apr 28, 2017
Jesus christ I thought this was another book and was praying it was Cameron Dallas😂😂 i'm dumb sometimes
mimono63 mimono63 Jun 15, 2016
Yo this almost the exact same wording on the 1st episode of vampire diaries
morgggs21 morgggs21 Sep 20, 2016
I love this song don't get me wrong but now my favorites are treat you better and mercy
okmagcon1 okmagcon1 Jul 03, 2016
Just actually June 3rd today and I'm just starting to read this book
-vggukkim -vggukkim Aug 10, 2016
What does he know?? When ur period is?? If he does, u found ur soulmate
biblioomaniacc biblioomaniacc May 02, 2016
Just a little tip, even though it's a teenage girl that we are in the mind of, you shouldn't use "btw" or "idk". " idk" was an example but that's all. You're amazing at the descriptions though and I love this already :)