Emison: The Teacher

Emison: The Teacher

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Emison By shaymishot Updated Jun 19, 2017

Emily's POV:

"I really don't understand why we have to wear this stupid uniform!" Hanna complains. 

"Well the good thing is we don't have to wear it on Fridays." I say.

"Yeah that's the only good part." Hanna says.

"Girls it's not like we don't look good on them. Look at us we look fabulous." Aria says.

"Yeah I agree we do look hot on them especially me!" Hanna says.

"No that would be me!" I say.

"Whatever you say Em." Hanna rolls her eyes.

"Girls have y'all heard the news!" Spencer comes running towards us.

"Nope what is it!" Hanna asks.

"The art teacher quit last week." She says.

"We already knew that Spence!" Hanna says.

"Yeah, but apparently we have the new art teacher today!" Spencer says.

"I hope she's not like the other one, all mean and old." Hanna says.

"Well we know that she quit because of-"

"Hanna." Aria, Spencer, and I say in unison.

"It's was not my problem that she didn't like my perfect art work!" Hanna says offended.

"Hanna you drew her as a stick figu...

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emisonandsashay4life emisonandsashay4life Aug 16, 2017
Hahaahahahhahaha!!!!!!!! Just gotta love hanna!🤣😆😂😂😂
- - May 05, 2017
Ok so I'm guessing Emily is one of those girls - even if the other girls aren't gay they are still crazy about she and she's just over all awesome 😂
Sylviantheslick1432 Sylviantheslick1432 Feb 29, 2016
I'm reading this story again because I forgot most of it oops 😂😈
mal3317 mal3317 Feb 16, 2017
If this b!tch don't  f u c k i n g   breathe and calm her whoremones