Forgive or Forget You

Forgive or Forget You

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Mel Bender By melbender Completed

What would you do if the man you loved left the day you gave birth to your first child?

What would you do if everything you thought was real was in fact a lie?

Could you ever forgive him if you thought he was worth the heartache and pain?

Forgiving the man who promised you the world, who promised through sickness and health he would be there, he vowed he would love and cherish you until eternity because he didn't believe in death do us part when he also made a promise to love you always no matter what, nothing could ever change that feeling he felt.

Could you forgive or or would you simply move on and forget him?

mommapunkin mommapunkin Aug 30, 2016
You mean you got a little bit of mattress rodeo going on in there!.....
13thFeb_2014 13thFeb_2014 Sep 30, 2016
He's being forced into this. Him saying app this outta nowhere makes absolutely no sense and is impossible. He's in deep shît so he probably left her.
kquinonez kquinonez Nov 20, 2016
Ugh...there's always that one hoe that just merges on to the other lane..never staying in hers.
gabyysmiles gabyysmiles Nov 26, 2016
She called his work and was told he was In a meeting. But called even earlier and he said he was going to get her and take her to hospital but never showed up. She drove herself.
mommapunkin mommapunkin Aug 30, 2016
You have staples instead of stitches with a c-section and also with adominal hysterectomy. I should know, I had them both and it wasn't fun experience either!
Christina_C16 Christina_C16 Nov 25, 2016
You couldn't even ask her to her face? Whatever she did? The only thing I see is give you love and a family dickweed!!