Forgive or Forget You

Forgive or Forget You

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What would you do if the man you loved left the day you gave birth to your first child?

What would you do if everything you thought was real was in fact a lie?

Could you ever forgive him if you thought he was worth the heartache and pain?

Forgiving the man who promised you the world, who promised through sickness and health he would be there, he vowed he would love and cherish you until eternity because he didn't believe in death do us part when he also made a promise to love you always no matter what, nothing could ever change that feeling he felt.

Could you forgive or or would you simply move on and forget him?

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darkwolf1996 darkwolf1996 Jul 26, 2017
Her mom can use me as a latter. That way I can be in on it too
BrownEyedGirl305 BrownEyedGirl305 Aug 06, 2017
Yea. you can drive in that kind of weather, people do it all the time.
darkwolf1996 darkwolf1996 Jul 26, 2017
Stay in yo damn lane hoe or you gon get into some accident. It ain't gon be good
That's sweet. My brother still punch me in the arm when I'm sick
noyoucanrot noyoucanrot Apr 13, 2017
SHAME THAT BITCHBAG lowkey sad she didn't take the money and that but hey-
ArielWilliams131 ArielWilliams131 Dec 18, 2016
So both of them are going to accuse each other of cheating instead of talking to each. They are both childish,  no "atta girl" from me.