teen wolf imagines

teen wolf imagines

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❝we're the people that know things about things that most people don't know about❞

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stydiathepumkinx stydiathepumkinx Apr 18, 2017
I love stiles ,like me and him click.But this made me fangirl over Stydia like crazy!!!!!!
PoppinFangirl PoppinFangirl Oct 21, 2017
That would be so me if Jackson would be my boyfriend oh god😂
tieshaaaaaaaa tieshaaaaaaaa Nov 11, 2016
I see what you did there you sneaky son of a bitch,I love you for life
Paper-Flower- Paper-Flower- Apr 08, 2016
I can do it. Can you wait until I get home to finish them? 
                              I'm going out with some friends.
TWDandme TWDandme Mar 06, 2016
aw hell nah I'd be breaking his car if he cheated on me lmao
fandomtrash- fandomtrash- Jan 02, 2017
So do we have a deal? Jeff Davis to marrish season 5
                              No No No No and did I mention NO!
                              Stydia to the deal season 5