He  Does It So Well | lirry stayne (boyxboy)

He Does It So Well | lirry stayne (boyxboy)

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"He's so bad but he does it so well." 

Harry's a senior with a broken past and a messed up family. 

Liam's a junior with an un-lived life and a low self esteem.

warning: this story includes mature sexual content, some occasional drug use, and implied self harming.

~Second place in the Bromance Awards 2016 by BoyxBoyAwards 

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Maximumtest Maximumtest Jul 30
Well it is about 2 opposite boys meeting and falling in love in an American high school so...
Do you know how mind blowingly difficult to find a bottom Liam /lirry well written book series
- - Aug 11
Omg the mental images of twink zayn..... whahhhhh i cant even
Maximumtest Maximumtest Jul 30
Fück you Americans with your lockers and places to store bags
Maximumtest Maximumtest Jul 30
Yeah with that 'cool guy "oh Louis!" Smirk and self realisation his life is becoming a cliche he probably did 😂
denouement13 denouement13 Dec 24, 2015
@Lexi_Horan226 we've all seen iCarly there's no going back XD