Teen Wolf Preferences for Black Girls (Interracial Preferences)

Teen Wolf Preferences for Black Girls (Interracial Preferences)

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MaggieEs By MaggieEs12 Updated May 29

I was just tired of reading teen wolf preferences for just white girls and I just want some POC ( People of Colour) to have a turn. 

And if you are white and reading this, I have nothing against you so read ahead. 

Don't worry I'm not going to be the black stereotype and say oh I'm ratchet, or I grew up in the streets and etc...

These preferences are about Scott, Stiles, Derek, Isaac, Liam and Theo

I hope you like it.

P.s if you think I'm a "racist" I'm not. I just want my fellow POC to have a turn

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Auther_Chan Auther_Chan Apr 22
I have all the movies but if I didn't.....it would be over.Also episode 3 is the best!
Lotus? Hold up waaaaaiitt a minute..... PJO fandom where u at??
NubianxNostagia NubianxNostagia Jun 04, 2016
Yo KFC doesn't taste the same no more. I'm on that Popeyes now
guapaloserclub guapaloserclub Oct 06, 2016
"THAT FOR EIGHT GRADER MOTHERFUCKER" omg I'm laughing so hysterically, I would've been like "Ima chop your balls off cause of eighth grade you bishhhh"
Hentaf Hentaf Dec 30, 2016
I'm honestly so happy about this. Pretty much all the fanfiction I read is directed at white girls and I just can't relate.
Dawn1414 Dawn1414 Jan 11, 2016
Soo racist, it doesn't matter if it's for black or white girl