Teen Wolf Preferences for Black Girls (Interracial Preferences)

Teen Wolf Preferences for Black Girls (Interracial Preferences)

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MaggieEs By MaggieEs12 Updated May 29, 2017

I was just tired of reading teen wolf preferences for just white girls and I just want some POC ( People of Colour) to have a turn. 

And if you are white and reading this, I have nothing against you so read ahead. 

Don't worry I'm not going to be the black stereotype and say oh I'm ratchet, or I grew up in the streets and etc...

These preferences are about Scott, Stiles, Derek, Isaac, Liam and Theo

I hope you like it.

P.s if you think I'm a "racist" I'm not. I just want my fellow POC to have a turn

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Auther_Chan Auther_Chan Apr 22, 2017
I have all the movies but if I didn't.....it would be over.Also episode 3 is the best!
LiptonHo LiptonHo Aug 02, 2017
Lotus? Hold up waaaaaiitt a minute..... PJO fandom where u at??
NubianxNostagia NubianxNostagia Jun 04, 2016
Yo KFC doesn't taste the same no more. I'm on that Popeyes now
-zionnkuwonu -zionnkuwonu Oct 06, 2016
"THAT FOR EIGHT GRADER MOTHERFUCKER" omg I'm laughing so hysterically, I would've been like "Ima chop your balls off cause of eighth grade you bishhhh"
Hentaf Hentaf Dec 30, 2016
I'm honestly so happy about this. Pretty much all the fanfiction I read is directed at white girls and I just can't relate.
Dawn1414 Dawn1414 Jan 11, 2016
Soo racist, it doesn't matter if it's for black or white girl