The Best Lie I Ever Told | Jaspar

The Best Lie I Ever Told | Jaspar

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Soph♚ By mychemicalsophiee Completed

It was no secret Joe and Caspar hated each other, but when suddenly the most popular teenage magazine in the country creates an article on the two boys dating; they have no choice but to work together. 

They decide to create a fake relationship and then break up, so hopefully people would forget about them and they could go back to their normal routine of hating each others guts.

However it's not so easy when lies get out of control, and they soon become determined to find out who hacked the online, popular teenage magazine so they could know who caused all of this.

But what happens when out of nowhere, one of them falls in love?
Because that's how life works sometimes, things don't go the way you want them to.


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mrsthatcherjoe2 mrsthatcherjoe2 Aug 19, 2017
It's so joe and then joe and Caspar will pretend their dating and it will kill Troye and I'll be at his funeral and we'll listen to fault in our stars
mrsthatcherjoe2 mrsthatcherjoe2 Aug 19, 2017
Oh. Never mind then, well on the bright side Troyes not dead
iamthen1trash iamthen1trash Dec 01, 2017
Troye, you might be my role model but GET OUT OF MY FREAKING SHIP BEFORE I THROW YOU OFF BOARD
teaatfiveorseven teaatfiveorseven Apr 14, 2016
That is the best disclaimer that I have ever seen 😂😂 much respect ❤️
Xpetit0infiniX Xpetit0infiniX Dec 11, 2018
I know a guy named joe sugg i think that who you are talking about
EliTheDancer EliTheDancer Aug 13, 2018
Troye? Tyler? Connor? Maybe the one who didn't just fall in love.