I'm Back

I'm Back

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ihannnh By ihannnh Updated Mar 22, 2016

Alexandra Joseph was the quiet girl who sat in the back of class. She didn't like being in the spotlight and tried to stay out of trouble. 

Xavier Bloom (Alexandra neighbor) was the bad boy of the school. He rarely attended class and when he did he just pulled pranks on the teachers. 

But of course there is more to the story. Alexandra is madly in love with Xavier. The problem is though Xavier bullies Alexandra for the "loser" she is. 

Right  before Junior year starts Alexander has the chance to attend a year at a school across the country. But not any school, Fight Prep. Alexandra of course says yes. 

But what happens when  Alexandra's  year is up and she returns. Will she be the same quiet girl madly in love with Xavier or a new badass Alexandra going by Alex now. 
Sorry I suck at descriptions

DarkAngelAlways27 DarkAngelAlways27 Jun 19, 2016
I think this gonna be good but I'm making a exception bcuz I rarely read books that don't have less then 20 chapters so I'm testing you
AriaGraybeck123 AriaGraybeck123 Mar 21, 2016
I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'll be completely honest but I won't be a bitch.
                              It's not that bad so far, it's just how the format is. Things are pretty squished together and not organized the best. BUT I can tell that this book has potential.
swagga_0215 swagga_0215 Mar 21, 2016
You need to continue. Plzzz upgrade. Wnt to know what happens
aniroma aniroma May 17, 2016
My last day of sophomore year is this Friday on the 20th!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡
ecliipseis ecliipseis Mar 22, 2016
Please publish soon. I really like the story. Also the words are all squished together, maybe if you make a new line for a new paragraph or dialogue. Maybe make the chapters abut longer. But the story is still really good so far.
ElinorCHall ElinorCHall Feb 24, 2016
It's really good update but don't rush just update when you want :)